Orvieto – half cloudy


An old panorama, taken five years ago. Orvieto, a beautiful small city in center Italy. Two photos stitched together, taken with an orange filter ahead the lens.

Zoomable panorama – Click to enlarge

Now, I don’t own any more neither the Nikkor AF 105mm f2 DC nor the D2x, but I’ve enjoyed . . . → Read More: Orvieto – half cloudy

Swedish deers

deers in lille koltorp

Last July, during our summer holidays in Sweden. We were in a strange B&B, called Koltorp, near Mariefred (circa 60 Km west of Stockholm). The owner is a weird man: hunter (both with rifle and bow), and taxidermist.

Some of the B&B rooms are in a cottage quite far from the street, near a little . . . → Read More: Swedish deers

unexpected encounters


May, 3. About three o’clock, in a windy sunny day. Råbjerg mile, a dune in extreme north of Jylland. Desert.

In front of us a vision, a ghost, a subject for a René Magritte’s picture.

D2x at 100ISO, 70-200mm f2.8 AFs at 102mm, f8, 1/350sec, bias +1EV

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abstract ice

contrasted pattern

Another winter subject, the last before resuming oldest photos. Last Valentine’s day, one of the few sunny days in the last months.

Sunny, cold, with the “normal” frozen sea. Ideal weather to play with colors (warm, like every winter day) and light. Poised on ice, being careful not to fall down, exploring the surface looking . . . → Read More: abstract ice

a foggy day


Last week, on Friday, I woke up in a white cup of milk. Wow! A foggy day in Danmark! I cant’refrain from taking my Nikon…. I went close to Randers, for a few time, on Randers Fjord. Here:

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This is the landscape I saw. And, actually, there was . . . → Read More: a foggy day