Footbridges inauguration in Copenhagen

Today was the inauguration day for Transgravsbro and the Proviantbro, after a long waiting.
They link Papirøen (where lays the Copenhagen Street Food) to the rest of the area, namely Christianshavn and the path to Operaen. For the most important one (the link to Nyhavn and downtown Copenhagen), we have to wait three other months.


The bigger footbridge (Transgravbroen) has three sections, and two can be opened.


The control room

The weather was ugly, and the chances to make some good shots were almost zero.
But I’m still satisfied with the results, and the Sony A7 worked well, despite the drops on the lens.


Here below some of the photos:

A Saturday Afternoon at the Café Viking

Café Viking, Nørrebro (Copenhagen), a couple of years ago.

Meetup - Cafe Viking Street Party

An ordinary danish bodega, smoky and cosy, people playing billiards, others chat, drinking beer.
A not-so-ordinary Saturday afternoon, because it was the first after the gang who threatened the area was put to an end. The two ladies who own the café exposed the gang who was milking some shop holder for money.
They were far from being intimidated, and that day a street party saluted the Café Viking.

Meetup - Cafe Viking Street Party

But inside the very Café few people seemed to care about the party, and maybe a crowd more numerous than usual was the only hint of something different.

“Venezia – On the Water” – Another book


A new book, that gather the photos taken during few days in Venice. My portrayal of a perception.

Venezia – On the water by andrea landi

Click HERE if the preview doesn’t show. I recommend the full screen mode for the better browsing experience. a_

. . . → Read More: “Venezia – On the Water” – Another book

Majestic Mærsk (Mærsk Triple E Class) – A giant

Majestic Mærsk

NOTE: Other photos are HERE in the portfolio.

Huge. The Majestic-Mærsk, a 400m-long container ship on display, docked in Copenhagen for a week since yesterday. The longest ship in activity. The first of twenty, that will enrich the Mærsk fleet in the next years (one year for the first ten).

There was a good weather, . . . → Read More: Majestic Mærsk (Mærsk Triple E Class) – A giant

On top of ARoS – Your Rainbow Panorama

aros - rainbow panorama

Some three weeks ago, Fra and I spent a long weekend in Århus for meeting our friends, after many monthes since the last trip. We had almost all Monday free before the ferry back to Sjælland, and we decided to visit ARoS, the Museum of Modern Art in Århus. Eventually, since we never went while . . . → Read More: On top of ARoS – Your Rainbow Panorama

Dominoes in Copenhagen (1. aug 2013)

Dominoes 2013

1st August 2013, 7000 60cm tall plaster bricks in downtown Copenhagen, placed some fifty centimenters apart.

Four thirty p.m.: the first brick falls down, pushing the second, and then the third, and… All the domino bricks fall, one after another. Silently (surprising silently!), and rather slowly.

It took some thirty minutes in total . . . → Read More: Dominoes in Copenhagen (1. aug 2013)

“The New Copenhagen” – a book I made


“Amager, Ørestad, Fisketorvet, Sømærk, Sydhavnen, Dybbølsbro, Holmen… Copenhagen is evolving. Fast. Former factories are abandoned for relatively short time, and then replaced with new, modern and sometimes futuristic buildings. Construction sites are a constant in the city landscape, these days. And since it’s a rather small city, all these areas are close to the . . . → Read More: “The New Copenhagen” – a book I made